Week 6: Fun and Fan Fests

Hi everyone!

Here we are in week 6 – just 2 weeks left of challenges! We’ve got a few things to run through this week, but I wanted to post a little early to remind you all of…JOHN GREEN FAN FEST!!!


If you can’t tell, I’m super excited. The Paper Towns movie is coming out on July 24 – come celebrate with all things John Green/Paper Towns. There will be prizes, trivia, crafts, and more. AND you’ll get 100 points for participating.

This week’s prize is just in time to see the Paper Towns movie – a $20 gift card to AMC theaters. That’ll get you in and get you full on movie snacks.

Speaking of snacks – are any of you as big of pizza fans as John Green? If so, come by with your playbook to get an invitation to our exclusive Finisher’s Party. ONLY players with at least 400 points can join. There will be pizza and games as well as the Grand Prize Raffle.


Until next time!

– Jenny

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