Peace, Love, and Good Books – Partie Deux

Almost two years ago I began this blog for the Burlington Library’s teen population and the occasional wandering, immature adult, who loves YA Lit (that’s my demographic!). The whole epic adventure began with a post called, Peace, Love, and Good Books. Well, the time has come in my career to move on. Yes, today is my last day at the Burlington Library and as I say goodbye, I thought that I would try to come full circle with my last official post.

(This next paragraph will make more sense if you read my very first post 🙂 )

Farewell to BPL’s blog for teens by Lisa D. This was a place that you could visit to get updates on the best and brightest books that we have to offer! And remember… “Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” ~ Mortimer J. Adler

Who knows what the future holds but it’s usually more than we could have wished for. So, stay tuned for bigger and better from the Burlington Library’s future teen librarian!

Peace out…