Say It 2 My Face

Say It 2 My Face is a campaign started by Taylor Audette, a University of Southern California college student. She began this campaign as a response to the negative effects that result from cyber-bullying and the demoralizing effects caused by some anonymous web sites. Too often people see cyberspace as a world in which anything can be done and said, without long-term harm. Sometimes messages are more easily sent to people that would never have been said to their face. Hurtful language and hateful messages are sent out without any consequences.

With recent permanent life-altering events in the news, it is Audette’s hope that some of these events would not have taken place if people were more conscious of the actions their words have in person and on the internet. Considering that over 42% of kids have been bullied while on line, this is not an isolated problem.

The campaign addresses the issues of cyber-bullying through photography, pledge bracelets, clothing, blogs, video, and music, Say It 2 My Face serves to be a pioneer in the movement to speak out and confront cyber-bullying issues. Also, they encourage others to join them in being a part of the solution to end cyber-bullying by individually taking the pledge, in which people agree to hold themselves accountable for what they say online as well as joining them in their petition against the anonymous websites that foster hate. Don’t be silent on this issue any longer.

Take a stand. Help yourself and help each other.


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