Lots of Good Reads

Come check out some new titles that we’re sporting in the teen section!

The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriott retells Hans Christian Andersen’s story in which a young girl must discover her own powers in the attempt to save her father, the kingdom, and her brothers from Zella’s stranglehold on the Kingdom. Marriott does a beautiful job in weaving her own magical universe that will delight fantasy readers.


Anything but Normal by Melody Carson tells the story of a high school student who thought this would be the best year of her life. She’s made all the right friends, the school newspaper editor postition is a sure thing, and she’s caught the eye of the hottest buy in school…but Sophie has a secret that she’s not going to be able to keep it for very long.


 Oliver Watson is an overweight 12-year-old who convinces everyone that he is not very bright in the novel, I am a GENIUS of UNSPEAKABLE EVIL and I want to be your CLASS PRESIDENT, by Josh Lieb. In fact, Oliver is the world’s third-richest person who is overthrowing superpowers left and right. As an inventor and investor he is on his way to achieving world domination.  This evil supergenius has the appeal of a cartoon villain and is sure to appeal to the evil genius in all of us.



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