It Doesn’t Happen Here?

Or does it? You might think that books aren’t banned any longer in this day and age of enlightment but recently a local school board in our county approved the decision by the school superintendent to restrict class use of the book, Feed by M.T. Anderson to 11th and 12th graders. This decision was made only after some parents became upset when 10th graders read the book in class.  Feed is the story of a futuristic world in which people receive information through implants in their brain. The book contains explicit language and deals with sexual situations, which were the reasons for much of the uproar. To read the original article and comments in the local paper click on this link.

Is this censorship? Is it the right of parents to restrict their children’s access to certain materials?  Is it the right of parent’s to restrict all children’s access to certain materials. How could this have been handled differently? Does this type of restriction on certain materials sound an alarm that only brings attention to an item and in turn more people read it than would have otherwise? Do you want to read this book now?

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Then, if you want to go oldschool, take a look at A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.

They’re Here…

That’s right, Banned Book Week 2010 has started and banned books are in the spotlight. So, with this thought, here is a perfect reminder of a few classics that have been banned through the years. Hang on tight, there’s 100 titles in just this one clip!