Perfect Chemistry: Too Perfect or Just Right?

I saw the book cover and shuddered at the perfect couple in the perfect embrace. Puulease! But after I recovered from my initial repulsion to the cover, I did the unthinkable. I picked it up, flipped it over, and read the summary. Yep, I actually gave it a chance. That’s when I realized that it actually sounded like it might be a good read and that I’d have to give it a try. So glad I did ’cause it was a great modern twist on the classic star-crossed lovers’ tale.

What was the recipe for success? Equal parts rich, popular, beautiful girl named Brittany (what else?!) cooked at a low simmer with sexy, bad-boy Alex who knows that most females can not resist his sultry charm.

The spice in this story comes from the fact that both of these two soon-to-be lovebirds both harbor dark secrets behind their masks of perfection. Brittany goes to school each day all the while trying to hide her less than perfect home life that includes  parents who don’t get along and her mentally disabled sister that she lovingly cares for. Then there’s Alex Fuentes who’s from the South side of town, running from rumors of drug abuse, and gang violence, when in reality he’s desperately trying to protect his younger brother from these very real threats. Once this is established, the couple are partnered up in class which results in an immediate clash.

It’s only after Alex takes a bet to get Brittany to fall for him, that he actually does ends up falling for her. Now we have the couple who, moments ago couldn’t stand the sight of one another. The result is a couple who can’t stop staring into each others eyes. Capitalizing on this attraction, the author, Simone Elkeles, takes the reader on an emotional and bumpy ride, breaking stereotypes left and right. Elkeles also alternates chapters between the perspective of Brittany and Alex, giving the reader a glimpse into each character throughout the story, which is a nice technique and kept me caring about these two. So, buckle up and hang on for a ride full of sexual tension and sarcastic banter. You’ll know it’s true love and that this book is perfect!

Check out Elkeles’ website for more about her writing and book trailers by clicking here.Still not enough for you? Check this song out. She’s a big-time talented fan who created this song about Perfect Chemistry packed with teenage angst!


More Cheeze Pleaze!

If you love cheesey love stories and aren’t afraid to admit it then have I got the book for you! Told in a back and forth narrative, Perfect Chemistry tells the story of two unlikely lab partners. The whole set-up hearkens back to Twilight where Edward has to do everything in his power to avoid his carnal cravings for Bella. The main difference in this story is that you have two very human characters acting out a more real-life drama.
In this tale of star crossed lovers, Brittany is the blond pom-pom cheer captain who hides the less than perfect secret of her disabled older syster and her totally dysfunctional and non-involved parents from everyone at school. On the other side of the tracks we have Alex, also known as Alejandro, who is a member of the gang, Latino Blood. We only later find out that his gang involvement is not as self-serving as we are first led to believe.
Now let the cheese-fest begin. Two opposites who are more alike than they first think lead to lust, danger, desire, and regret when the sparks begin to fly. This book is definitely for the older teen with profanity, Spanish phrases, and sexual situations throughout. What more could you ask for?
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