More Cheeze Pleaze!

If you love cheesey love stories and aren’t afraid to admit it then have I got the book for you! Told in a back and forth narrative, Perfect Chemistry tells the story of two unlikely lab partners. The whole set-up hearkens back to Twilight where Edward has to do everything in his power to avoid his carnal cravings for Bella. The main difference in this story is that you have two very human characters acting out a more real-life drama.
In this tale of star crossed lovers, Brittany is the blond pom-pom cheer captain who hides the less than perfect secret of her disabled older syster and her totally dysfunctional and non-involved parents from everyone at school. On the other side of the tracks we have Alex, also known as Alejandro, who is a member of the gang, Latino Blood. We only later find out that his gang involvement is not as self-serving as we are first led to believe.
Now let the cheese-fest begin. Two opposites who are more alike than they first think lead to lust, danger, desire, and regret when the sparks begin to fly. This book is definitely for the older teen with profanity, Spanish phrases, and sexual situations throughout. What more could you ask for?
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