Would You Do It for Love?

How spontaneous do you think you really are? Would you participate in a flash mob with enough encouragement? This is a fun snippet displaying one person’s amazement which quickly turns to jealousy when someone very close to them decides to participate in a flash mob without telling them. Not to hurt but to surprise…somehow it backfires. Be careful what you choose to give your loved one this coming Valentine’s Day. Maybe some chocolate and a good book would be a yummy and surefire choice!


Visual Journaling Workshop

Hey! Do you have a love/hate relationship with writing? Do you love to keep a journal but hate all the writing? Well, this might be the workshop for you!!

On Tuesday, December 28 from 1 – 2:30 PM you’re invited to come experience easy techniques for keeping a visual journal. Join Bellingham artist Ellen Clark, as she shares various templates, tips, and tools that everyone will find helpful in creating their own visual journal.

Everyone will receive their own hardbound journal for the New Year. Pre-registration is required and will be limited to the first 25 teens. Call 360-755-0760 today! This event is FREE through the generous support of The Friends of the Library who help provide funding.

More Cheeze Pleaze!

If you love cheesey love stories and aren’t afraid to admit it then have I got the book for you! Told in a back and forth narrative, Perfect Chemistry tells the story of two unlikely lab partners. The whole set-up hearkens back to Twilight where Edward has to do everything in his power to avoid his carnal cravings for Bella. The main difference in this story is that you have two very human characters acting out a more real-life drama.
In this tale of star crossed lovers, Brittany is the blond pom-pom cheer captain who hides the less than perfect secret of her disabled older syster and her totally dysfunctional and non-involved parents from everyone at school. On the other side of the tracks we have Alex, also known as Alejandro, who is a member of the gang, Latino Blood. We only later find out that his gang involvement is not as self-serving as we are first led to believe.
Now let the cheese-fest begin. Two opposites who are more alike than they first think lead to lust, danger, desire, and regret when the sparks begin to fly. This book is definitely for the older teen with profanity, Spanish phrases, and sexual situations throughout. What more could you ask for?
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Lots of Good Reads

Come check out some new titles that we’re sporting in the teen section!

The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriott retells Hans Christian Andersen’s story in which a young girl must discover her own powers in the attempt to save her father, the kingdom, and her brothers from Zella’s stranglehold on the Kingdom. Marriott does a beautiful job in weaving her own magical universe that will delight fantasy readers.


Anything but Normal by Melody Carson tells the story of a high school student who thought this would be the best year of her life. She’s made all the right friends, the school newspaper editor postition is a sure thing, and she’s caught the eye of the hottest buy in school…but Sophie has a secret that she’s not going to be able to keep it for very long.


 Oliver Watson is an overweight 12-year-old who convinces everyone that he is not very bright in the novel, I am a GENIUS of UNSPEAKABLE EVIL and I want to be your CLASS PRESIDENT, by Josh Lieb. In fact, Oliver is the world’s third-richest person who is overthrowing superpowers left and right. As an inventor and investor he is on his way to achieving world domination.  This evil supergenius has the appeal of a cartoon villain and is sure to appeal to the evil genius in all of us.



Sexting 2.0

As a public service announcement, the Burlington Public Library would like to remind teens who are feeling the urge to sext, to reconsider and know that sexting could do potential harm to yourself and even others. Please reconsider before pushing ‘send’. One day, in the not too distant future, when sitting on the vulnerable side of the interview desk, you may be faced with a potential employer who has a less than appropriate picture of your nether regions taken eons ago, but taken and saved for prosperity, nonetheless, on that big world wide web. This could cause problems in obtaining a job or just be humiliating, to say the least.

On the even more serious side of this issue, in Washington state, sexting can result in state felony charges, including indecency with a child and creation, possession and distribution of child pornography. In the United States, it is against the law to possess lewd photographs of minors and a New York lawyer is petitioning for federal sexting legislation that would make sexting a misdemeanor for minors.

Be aware, sexting, besides being potentially embarrassing, may also be illegal. On the lighter side, here is a video with the same message; If you don’t want someone to “tweet your beets”, don’t sext!


Don’t Keep This One Secret

post secret51ZUtOaZLfL._SS400_post secret 2LibHUpYoL._SS400_The books, My Secret and Post Secret are full of, you guessed it, secrets. Humorous, ironic, sad, inspirational, appalling, riveting, and quirky secrets. Sometimes you just shake your head and say, ” TMI!” But until you reach the end you can’t put this book down. When you finish the book, you might find yourself wondering how many of these secrets shouldn’t have been secrets in the first place.