Peace, Love, and Good Books – Partie Deux

Almost two years ago I began this blog for the Burlington Library’s teen population and the occasional wandering, immature adult, who loves YA Lit (that’s my demographic!). The whole epic adventure began with a post called, Peace, Love, and Good Books. Well, the time has come in my career to move on. Yes, today is my last day at the Burlington Library and as I say goodbye, I thought that I would try to come full circle with my last official post.

(This next paragraph will make more sense if you read my very first post 🙂 )

Farewell to BPL’s blog for teens by Lisa D. This was a place that you could visit to get updates on the best and brightest books that we have to offer! And remember… “Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” ~ Mortimer J. Adler

Who knows what the future holds but it’s usually more than we could have wished for. So, stay tuned for bigger and better from the Burlington Library’s future teen librarian!

Peace out…


Perfect Chemistry: Too Perfect or Just Right?

I saw the book cover and shuddered at the perfect couple in the perfect embrace. Puulease! But after I recovered from my initial repulsion to the cover, I did the unthinkable. I picked it up, flipped it over, and read the summary. Yep, I actually gave it a chance. That’s when I realized that it actually sounded like it might be a good read and that I’d have to give it a try. So glad I did ’cause it was a great modern twist on the classic star-crossed lovers’ tale.

What was the recipe for success? Equal parts rich, popular, beautiful girl named Brittany (what else?!) cooked at a low simmer with sexy, bad-boy Alex who knows that most females can not resist his sultry charm.

The spice in this story comes from the fact that both of these two soon-to-be lovebirds both harbor dark secrets behind their masks of perfection. Brittany goes to school each day all the while trying to hide her less than perfect home life that includes  parents who don’t get along and her mentally disabled sister that she lovingly cares for. Then there’s Alex Fuentes who’s from the South side of town, running from rumors of drug abuse, and gang violence, when in reality he’s desperately trying to protect his younger brother from these very real threats. Once this is established, the couple are partnered up in class which results in an immediate clash.

It’s only after Alex takes a bet to get Brittany to fall for him, that he actually does ends up falling for her. Now we have the couple who, moments ago couldn’t stand the sight of one another. The result is a couple who can’t stop staring into each others eyes. Capitalizing on this attraction, the author, Simone Elkeles, takes the reader on an emotional and bumpy ride, breaking stereotypes left and right. Elkeles also alternates chapters between the perspective of Brittany and Alex, giving the reader a glimpse into each character throughout the story, which is a nice technique and kept me caring about these two. So, buckle up and hang on for a ride full of sexual tension and sarcastic banter. You’ll know it’s true love and that this book is perfect!

Check out Elkeles’ website for more about her writing and book trailers by clicking here.Still not enough for you? Check this song out. She’s a big-time talented fan who created this song about Perfect Chemistry packed with teenage angst!


Sunday Smile

This was too fun to pass up and I thought I’d share a video featuring one of my all-time favorite songs from my childhood with a twist. What’s one of your favorite childhood songs?


Martin Luther King’s Dream

How much do you know about Martin Luther King? Take this quiz. If you’re not in the mood for a quiz then just sit back and enjoy the music and the man. What is your dream?



Music in the Stacks?

What the heck are we talking about when we say “stacks”? Well, once a month at the library we invite various musicians to share their musical talent at the library. I mean, literally in the library! Yes, where everyone walks around on tip-toe, whispering about their new favorite books. Recently we had the pleasure of teen musician, Madison who joined us with her fiddle (don’t let her catch you calling it a violin!). It was so amazing to walk into a beautiful library and hear beautiful, foot tapping music to go along with it!

So, if you’ve never considered the library to be a source of music – think again. Not only do we have actual musicians in the library but we also have music CD’s available for checkout. With music ranging from Guns-N-Roses, George Michael, Justin Bieber to wedding music.

And if those still aren’t quite what you’re looking for, take a minute to listen to Gorillaz.

What Is Your State of Mind?

Just came across a great music video showcasing local hotspots in beautiful Bellingham, Washington. It uses the tune from Empire State of Mind. So, check it out and perhaps it will inspire you to write about your own state of mind. We really do live in one of the greatest places on earth!


I’ve Seen the Future…

There is an amazing interactive music video that has just been released by Arcadia Fire. It is SO cool! I love the song, I love the visuals, I love the fact that I can personalize it every time I watch. Watch this one and then make your own. You can even watch the one I made for the library…I’ve seen the future of videos.

Be forewarned. When making your own personal video, the computer requirements are Google Chrome and very intensive. Close all other windows and programs. You will see many windows open up – don’t try to close them. Sit back, interact when directed, and enjoy!


unCOMMONly Fun!

Fantastic library events don’t always take place at the library. Sometimes they occur outside of the confines of shushing librarians and shelf after shelf of books. Recently the Mt. Vernon City Library met at Common Grounds for a poetry/open-mic night.

Alberta (Teen services extraordinaire) was keeping things going when she got up front and started everyone off with a mind blowing poem. After that, everyone had to get up there to read. The evening ended with lot’s of poetry and music, both vocal and instrumental. It was really quite lovely. So, keep your eyes peeled for events happening in and out of your library this summer!

Upcoming events outside of the library include:

  • National ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ at the Burlington Skate Park on Monday, June 21. Summer reading sign-ups from 3-5 PM with free cold beverages.
  • Drumming Workshop with Ray Soriano @ Common Ground on Wednesday, July 28 from 7-8 PM.
  • Day-Glo Xtreme Beach Games @ Skagit Playfields (down by the horseshoes) on Wednesday, July 28 from 8:30-10 PM.
  • Everett Aqua Sox Game on Sunday, August 8, 2:05 PM.

Get out there, enjoy your library, and READ!!

Must Have…Zombies!!!!!

Do you find yourself struggling to stay awake as you plow through Austen’s classic, Pride and Prejudice written over 197 years ago? Worse yet, are you a dude and you have to read this chick book for class?!? Well, freak no more. Put down the CliffsNotes, breath deep and know that author Seth Grahame-Smith has your back. He’s the co-author of the expertly rewritten classic and he did us all a favor and added Zombies![youtube=]

If you read that and still can’t get enough zombies, then I’d recommend Carrie Ryan’s book, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Her romantically creepy tale is told from the perspective of the relentlessly curious girl, Mary. She has grown up of knowing nothing other than her village, which is fenced in to protect people from the constant attack of the “Unconsecrated”, the living undead. To top it all off, villagers are ruled by the Sisterhood who controls almost every aspect of village life. Despite these obstacles, Mary survives on the stories told to her by her mother about something called an ocean. It is her faith in the truth of those stories that gives her the hope to see beyond the fences of her village and the constant soundtrack of moans coming from the Unconsecrated.

You can now follow up this flesh ripping, gut wrenching tale with the second in the series, The Dead-Tossed Waves, it’s sure to keep you chomping for more.

Here’s an oldie but a goody to take you out to: