A to the Mazing!

When I came across this “drawing” I thought, ‘no way…that’s a photo!!’ So I did a little more poking around and found that this particular artist, Raja Cenna, actually has a video of the three+ hours that it took her to draw this image of Lady Gaga.

So, next time you can’t find your iTouch, your parents won’t let you play any video games, there’s nothing on TV, your leg is broken, or no one is texting you back…don’t despair. Life is not over! You actually have time to draw. Here are some more drawings created by teens that you can also use as inspiration. Then, if you need a little more help (and your computer is in the repair shop) visit the Burlington Library where we have an entire section of books about drawing. Just know that the library is there to help you find your A to the Mazing self!


Visual Journaling Workshop

Hey! Do you have a love/hate relationship with writing? Do you love to keep a journal but hate all the writing? Well, this might be the workshop for you!!

On Tuesday, December 28 from 1 – 2:30 PM you’re invited to come experience easy techniques for keeping a visual journal. Join Bellingham artist Ellen Clark, as she shares various templates, tips, and tools that everyone will find helpful in creating their own visual journal.

Everyone will receive their own hardbound journal for the New Year. Pre-registration is required and will be limited to the first 25 teens. Call 360-755-0760 today! This event is FREE through the generous support of The Friends of the Library who help provide funding.

Express Yourself @ Your Library!

This past week art students at Burlington Edison High School celebrated their hard work with Artapalooza. So, I grabbed my camera and checked it out. The self portraits were so impressive; thoughtful, beautiful, and I’ve posted some here to share. If you think that doing a self portrait in different mediums ranging from paint to pencil sounds fun, check out our section of books on artwork. Remember to express yourself at your library!

Don’t Tell Me You Can’t

For those of you who say you can’t draw…don’t say that…watch this guy at work. Yes he’s talented, yes his finished product is awesome, and yes, you can do it too. I believe in you! Try it and let us know how you do.


Perfect Profile Pics

Do you constantly update your profile pics with new fun ones? It’s fun to do and even better if you know the “secrets” to great angles of a great profile picture. It’s worth a peek!


Free Skateboards @ BPL!

skateboardWell, you don’t have to pay but the Friends of the Library have purchased blank skate decks for the teen program, “Paint Your Own Skateboard”.

The event will take place at the Burlington Public Library on Thursday, August 13 from 5-7 PM. We provide the decks, the brushes, and the paint. All you need to bring is an idea for a great graphic! Call today at 360-755-0760, there are only a few spots left. In addition to receiving a free deck, all attendees will vote for their favorite design. The winner will receive a complete skateboard from Hidden Wave Board Shop. It doesn’t get better than that!

hiddenwave boardshop