Read Dangerously at BPL

Celebrate your fREADom to read by learning more about Banned Books Week! Check out the American Library Association’s list of most challenged books and get caught reading dangerously at BPL with your own mugshot. Stop by the teen section to take your pic and share it with us online for a chance to win a free book!

Here are a few of our staff members reading dangerously.


Have a favorite frequently challenged book? Share it with us in the comments!

– Jenny

Thursdays will be AWESOME!

Hey readers!

So this is the first week back to school for many of you. That means summer is officially over (even if it’s not on the calendar). Hopefully you’re all feeling like this about the school year:

Things at BPL for teens are going to be picking up as well – in fact, we’re going to have special events ONLY FOR TEENS every Thursday after school. So if you need a place to do homework, hang out with friends, or geek out about your obsessions…there ya go.

Teen Events poster 2015




Thursdays are going to be awesome at BPL. Hope to see you all on Sept. 17th!

– Jenny


The last week of challenges!

BPL Teens is all about YOU and what you want to get out of the library. That’s why the final challenge is to take a short survey about your experience. We want library events to be fun and interesting for you, so please tell us what you think!

And while we’re talking about your ideas, did you know that you can always recommend books or events to the library? Just comment on this blog, our Facebook, send me an email, or stop by the library.

The final weekly raffle prize will be given away at the end of the week and it’s pretty awesome. I want one!



Get your playbook checked by August 1 to win this smart phone projector! Don’t forget, you’ll be able to pick up your free book starting this week, too!

– Jenny

Week 7

Somehow it is already week 7 of the Summer Challenge – this summer is going by so fast! I can hardly believe it. This week we’re giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon, which I’m also super excited about. Bring your log in before the 25th for a chance to win!

As you probably noticed, each week I post about our events and the weekly raffle prize, but it’s been a while since we talked about the GRAND Prizes. Here’s a refresher:

Every raffle entry that you get each week is re-entered into the Grand Prize Raffle. So if you haven’t won yet (or even if you have), don’t worry – everyone has a chance at winning the big prizes. The prizes are an INSTAX MINI and a KINDLE FIRE tablet.

This Monday is the first part of our Stop-Motion Animation Lab. Come by to learn about this cool animation technique and experiment with your own short films! In the meantime, check out this cool (and totally doable) stop-motion movie.

I hope to see some of you next week!

– Jenny

Week 6: Fun and Fan Fests

Hi everyone!

Here we are in week 6 – just 2 weeks left of challenges! We’ve got a few things to run through this week, but I wanted to post a little early to remind you all of…JOHN GREEN FAN FEST!!!


If you can’t tell, I’m super excited. The Paper Towns movie is coming out on July 24 – come celebrate with all things John Green/Paper Towns. There will be prizes, trivia, crafts, and more. AND you’ll get 100 points for participating.

This week’s prize is just in time to see the Paper Towns movie – a $20 gift card to AMC theaters. That’ll get you in and get you full on movie snacks.

Speaking of snacks – are any of you as big of pizza fans as John Green? If so, come by with your playbook to get an invitation to our exclusive Finisher’s Party. ONLY players with at least 400 points can join. There will be pizza and games as well as the Grand Prize Raffle.


Until next time!

– Jenny

Week 5: Tap into your creative side.

Hi, everyone!

I hope you had a great Fourth of July weekend. As the days are getting hotter I’d like to remind you that the library has AC. Come on in and cool off!


This week’s challenge is indoorsy (which I appreciate in hot temperatures): Create and submit an original poster advertising BPL. You could craft it with the art supplies in the teen space or design it using Microsoft Paint or Word – any way you want! You could even come by and take pictures of the library (we’re pretty photogenic). The only requirement is that you either email or bring in your poster by July 11.

The prize this week is also pretty indoorsy – a DVD + snack gift set. We’ll be giving away the fabulous book-into-movie blockbuster, The Fault in Our Stars!

To get your creative juices flowing, take a look at some of these vintage and modern advertisements for libraries:

poster 6

poster 5

vintage poster 2


vintage poster 1

Have fun getting artsy this week!

– Jenny

Week 4: Photo Frenzy

We are almost halfway through the summer challenge – can you believe it? The prizes are getting bigger and better from here on out. This week we are giving away a DVD gift set, which includes a mystery movie based on a YA book + snacks.

I’m posting this a little earlier than normal because I’m hoping you’ll all put Monday’s Cell Phone Photography Lab on your calendars. Local photographer Damien Vines will be showing us how to take awesome pictures with cell phones, tablets – really, any device that has a camera. We may even go on an outdoor photography adventure – you’ll have to come by at 2:30pm and see.

In the meantime, check out some of the awesome images he has taken recently. Just last week there were sightings of the Aurora Borealis in Skagit County!

Have you visited the photo booth in the library yet? Share your pics with us!

– Jenny


Week 1 Challenges: Pics and Parades

One of my favorite challenges of the summer is this week – the #BookFace challenge (concealing your identity with a book). Once you start browsing the shelves the possibilities are endless. Check out the teen section for BookFace-ready books or browse Google for other ideas.


For another 100 points you can join us for the Berry Dairy Days parade! This year’s theme is superheroes. Come by before Friday to sign up.

Hope you’re all enjoying the Summer Challenge so far – don’t forget to share your photos with us on here or Facebook and Instagram.

– Jenny

Week 1: Game on.

The day has come…the SUMMER READING CHALLENGE is on! You’re already ahead of the game since you’ve found the blog. Great job, you!


Each Monday, I’ll post info on the weekly prizes and challenges here (and on Facebook, Instagram, and the library’s Teen Space). Before I get to this summer’s goodies, here’s what you need to get started:

A Playbook.

That’s it. Pick one up at BPL. Keep it safe – you’ll be keeping track of your points in this playbook all summer.

How to play:

1. Fill in the number of minutes you read and do the challenges of your choice each week. Add up your points and get them checked by a staff member before the end of the week to enter the Weekly Raffle.

2. 100 points gets you one raffle ticket. Extra points get you extra tickets (100 extra points = 1 raffle ticket).

3. ƒEvery raffle ticket is re-entered into the Grand Prize Raffle, which will be held on August 17. If you miss the Weekly Raffle deadline, you can still use those points for Grand Prize tickets.

„4. Players that reach 400 points by August 14 get to attend an exclusive Challenger’s Party on August 17. Finishers (players that reach 800 points) also win an awesome YA book of their choice.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…THE PRIZES.

There will be a prize up for grabs each week. The prizes get bigger as the summer goes on. Week 1’s prize is…(drum roll, please)…a $5 gift certificate to Jamba Juice! Check back each week for info on the next prize.

FINALLY, there are not one, but TWO grand prizes this year.

An Instax Mini…


and a Kindle Fire tablet!

Kindle Fire HD - 7, Front

Come by the library and sign up today!

– Jenny


YA Lit for Your Earbuds

Do you love young adult literature and audiobooks? What about FREE BOOKS?

Each week until August 14, the SYNC program is offering two YA books that you can download to your computer or mobile device. This usually includes one modern title and one classic title.

To get started, you’ll need to download the free OverDrive app to your device. Next, sign-up to get notifications of when the FREE audiobook downloads are available. You can receive alerts by text message, email newsletter, or by visiting You can check their website for help downloading the books, or you can give us a call at the library.

This week’s books are Dodger by Terry Pratchett and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Be sure to check back on the Thursday of each week to see the next pair of books.



– Jenny